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Major CategoryDocument Description and Link
City Directory1954
City Directory1937-1938
CivicKewanee Chamber Booklet 1977
SchoolsNew Kewanee High School Dedication Booklet
HistoryCity Government
HistoryKewanee Mayors
HistoryKewanee Timeline
HistoryKewanee History (40+ pages)
HistoryShort Facts about Kewanee Landmarks
HistoryWalworth, Haxtun and Tube Co History
HistoryBoiler Evolution
City Directory1939
City Directory1928
City Directory
City Directory1915
City Directory1893
City Directory
BoilerAnniversary Brochure
BoilerBoiler History written in 1961
BossBrochure from the 1920's
SchoolsCentral School Dedication 1938
RestaurantsOld Davidson's Menu
ManufacturingDemmler / Shalco History and Clippings
SchoolsDirectory of Kewanee Schools 1906
Kewanee FairClippings and Documents
SchoolsHistory of Kewanee Schools through 1954
SchoolsHistory of Wethersfield Schools 1941-1996
BossHusking Brochure
SchoolsKewanee Business College Brochure
ParksSouvenir Booklet from 1928
ManufacturingKewanee Private Utilities Brochure
ManufacturingMachinery & Conveyor History and Clippings
ManufacturingPeter's Pump History, Ads, Clippings
RestaurantsSandy's - The Hamburger Wars
RestaurantsSandy's Today Newspaper Insert
MedicalSt Francis School of Nursing Program 1956
SchoolsWethersfield School Program from 1910
RestaurantsWaunee Farm Clippings / Photos
ManufacturingKewanee Water Supply / Private Utilities Documents and Clippings
SchoolsKewanee School Superintendents & HS Principals
HistoryKewanee in Pictures 1913
HistoryKewanee Industries 1838-1976
SchoolsKewanee Business College 1909
HistoryKewanee and Tube Company History Written in 1943
SchoolsIrving School Dedication 1931
AviationFred Machesney - Aviation Hall of Fame
BoilerEmployee Newsletter from 1984
BoilerEmployee Newsletter from 1976
Boiler4th Annual Dinner - 1918
MediaWKEI Moves to New Building 1981
SportsBowling News Clippings
RetailBrown Lynch & Scott multipage ad from 1934
TransportationKewanee Bus Magazine Article 1957
MiningCoal Mining History in Kewanee
AviationCole Brothers Air Show Clippings & Documents
ManufacturingKewanee Manufacturing Catalog 1939 - Coal Equipment
WalworthWalworth Army Navy E Award 1943
SportsBob Westlund Info and Clippings
ManufacturingAce Leather opens in 1956
EntertainmentBlack Knights Photos Documents Clippings (70+ pages)
SportsOld Baseball Clippings - 36 pages
SportsOld Kewanee Baseball Clippings - 90 pages
SportsBallhawks Clippings - 3 pages
ParksWindmont Clipping 1906
HistoryThe Whiting Home
MedicalSt. Francis School of Nursing Clippings
MedicalSt. Francis School of Nursing 1960-1961
MedicalSt. Francis Hospital History
MedicalSt. Francis Dedication in 1941
EntertainmentRoller Drome Skating Rink 1939
ClubsHistory of the Red Men - Kewanee Tribe
ManufacturingPeters Pump Cultivator Brochure
ClubsMidland CC Original Clubhouse
ClubsLadies Reading Club Booklet 1942
ClubsLadies Reading Club Booklet 1934
HistoryKewanee Pioneers - 1911 Article
ManufacturingKewanee Implement Company Patent Letters
ManufacturingKewanee Implement Company - Corn Hangers 1927
HistoryHenry Little Bio and Home
ManufacturingPeters Pump - Gunther Boilers
EntertainmentThe Great Kewanee Fair - Clippings
EntertainmentThe Grand Theater - Ad
ClubsThe Fortnightly Club Booklet 1953
ClubsThe Fortnightly Club Booklet 1948
EntertainmentThe Great Kewanee Fair - Short History
MedicalSt. Francis Nursing Graduation Booklet 1958
HistorySylvestor Blish Bio
ManufacturingLetter from Lay & Lyman concerning gloves
ManufacturingAdvanced Metalworking / Lifetime History
City Directory1919 - 1920 City Directory
Kewanee Courier Ads from 1882
City Directory1935 City Directory
City Directory1946 City Directory
BoilerBoiler 100th Year Star Courier Insert Booklet
SchoolsKHS Class of 1915 50 Yr Reunion
Dean KarauDean Karau - History of East Lake Park
Dean KarauDean Karau - History of Merritt Pond
Dean Karau
Kewanee's 1st Golf Course-Red Oak Hollow
ParksHistory of Northeast Park
Dean KarauDean Karau-Chain Migration and the Growth of Kewanee
Dean KarauDean Karau - Billy Sunday in Kewanee
Dean KarauDean Karau - Crystal Lake Park
City Directory1898-1899 City Directory
City Directory1905-1906 City Directory
City Directory1921 City Directory
Dean KarauDean Karau - Bulanda Article
City Directory1911-1912 City Directory
Dean KarauDean Karau - Kewanee Accordian Band
Dean KarauDean Karau - Kewanee Earthquake
City Directory1926 City Directory
Dean KarauDean Karau - Valerius Anderson
Dean KarauDean Karau - Swedish Migration
Dean KarauDean Karau - Isaac Potter
City Directory1930 City Directory
City Directory1964 City Directory
Fred Francis8 Architectural Drawings of Fred Francis' House
Fred FrancisPortfolio of Drawings and Specs for Fred Francis' Cistern
Dean KarauDean Karau - John Kilvington
Dean KarauDean Karau - What Would Kewaneeans Do
City Directory1900-1901 City Directory
City Directory1911-1912 City Directory
Fred FrancisAbout Fred Francis - magazine article
Fred FrancisMisc news clipping about Fred Francis and Francis Park
Fred FrancisThe Legend of Fred Francis
Fred FrancisThe Fred Francis Story
Dean KarauHank Aaron - by Dean Karau
Dean KarauStage Coach Lines - Dean Karau
City Directory1913 City Directory
City Directory1952 City Directory
Dean KarauMaid-Rite - Dean Karau
Dean KarauHow to Keep America Great - Dean Karau
Dean KarauFiremen's Tournament - Dean Karau
Dean KarauChautauqua Park - Dean Karau
Dean KarauAbout the Kewanee Historical Society - Dean Karau
Dean KarauWethersfield's First Wedding - Dean Karau
Dean KarauWethersfield's First Dwellings - Dean Karau
City Directory1941-42 City Directory
HistoryThe Kewanee Story (45 Page History Produced for the Centennial in 1954)
Schools1975 KHS Homecoming Brochure (Class of 76)
MuralMural Brochure - 2019
Dean KarauThe Founding of Wethersfield - Dean Karau Article
Dean KarauMister Baseball - Lou Reynolds - Dean Karau Article
Dean KarauKewanee's French Huguenots - Dean Karau
Dean KarauWethersfield and the 1849 Gold Rush - Dean Karau
Dean KarauSoftball in Kewanee - Dean Karau
Dean KarauDean Ruben Karau (WWII) - Dean Karau
Dean KarauReligious Bigotry in the Founding of Wethersfield
Dean KarauElbert Pinney
Dean Karau
Wethersfield's first resident Physician
Dean KarauWethersfield Saw & Grist Mills
Dean KarauFounding of Wethersfield
ChurchesSecond Baptist Church - 75th Anniversary
ChurchesSecond Baptist Church - 80th Anniversary
ChurchesSecond Baptist Church - 95th Anniversary
ChurchesSecond Baptist Church - 100th Anniversary
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