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Major CategoryDocument Description and Link
HistoryCity Government
HistoryKewanee Mayors
HistoryKewanee Timeline
HistoryKewanee History (40+ pages)
HistoryShort Facts about Kewanee Landmarks
HistoryWalworth, Haxtun and Tube Co History
HistoryBoiler Evolution
City Directory1939
City Directory
City Directory
City Directory
City Directory
City Directory
BoilerAnniversary Brochure
BoilerBoiler History written in 1961
BossBrochure from the 1920's
SchoolsCentral School Dedication 1938
RestaurantsOld Davidson's Menu
ManufacturingDemmler / Shalco History and Clippings
SchoolsDirectory of Kewanee Schools 1906
Kewanee FairClippings and Documents
SchoolsHistory of Kewanee Schools through 1954
SchoolsHistory of Wethersfield Schools 1941-1996
BossHusking Brochure
SchoolsKewanee Business College Brochure
ParksSouvenir Booklet from 1928
ManufacturingKewanee Private Utilities Brochure
ManufacturingMachinery & Conveyor History and Clippings
ManufacturingPeter's Pump History, Ads, Clippings
RestaurantsSandy's - The Hamburger Wars
RestaurantsSandy's Today Newspaper Insert
MedicalSt Francis School of Nursing Program 1956
SchoolsWethersfield School Program from 1910
RestaurantsWaunee Farm Clippings / Photos
ManufacturingKewanee Water Supply / Private Utilities Documents and Clippings
SchoolsKewanee School Superintendents & HS Principals
HistoryKewanee in Pictures 1913
HistoryKewanee Industries 1838-1976
SchoolsKewanee Business College 1909
HistoryKewanee and Tube Company History Written in 1943
SchoolsIrving School Dedication 1931
AviationFred Machesney - Aviation Hall of Fame
BoilerEmployee Newsletter from 1984
BoilerEmployee Newsletter from 1976
Boiler4th Annual Dinner - 1918
MediaWKEI Moves to New Building 1981
SportsBowling News Clippings
RetailBrown Lynch & Scott multipage ad from 1934
TransportationKewanee Bus Magazine Article 1957
MiningCoal Mining History in Kewanee
AviationCole Brothers Air Show Clippings & Documents
ManufacturingKewanee Manufacturing Catalog 1939 - Coal Equipment
Walworth Army Navy E Award 1943
SportsBob Westlund Info and Clippings
ManufacturingAce Leather opens in 1956
EntertainmentBlack Knights Photos Documents Clippings (70+ pages)
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