High Resolution Photos

You’ve found the right place for higher resolution photos of Kewanee. There will be a new photo 2 or 3 times per week. You’ll always find the latest 3 photos here. To the right of each photo I’ll add a few comments about each photo. When a photo is added the one that’s been on the page the longest will rotate off.

ALSO … If you are at all interested in the hardware and software … and the process used to digitize and create PDF documents, photos, and video … CLICK HERE.

Click on a photo to display it in a new browser tab.

With most browsers you can right click on it to save it in its full resolution to your computer. On phones and tablets the way to save it will be a little different.

Kewanee Brewing Company Advertisement

Inside Kewanee Boiler … a nice high quality photo

Tremont looking North with the Tremont Street rail crossing at the lower right

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